One of the essential pieces of equipment in your house is your water heater. Almost all hot water activity relies on the water heater. You use your water heater to run your dishwasher, washing machine, showers, and sink faucets.


Since they are so frequently used, water heaters eventually need to be replaced. Most water heaters have an average life span of ten years. So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your water heater?


Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement


Being left without hot water can be a significant inconvenience for homeowners. Before you need emergency water heater replacement, there are some signs that you’ll need a water heater replacement. Keep an eye out for the following signs that indicate a severe issue with your water heater:


1.   Changing Water Temperatures


If you notice the water suddenly switching from warm to freezing to scalding and then to warm again in a matter of seconds, it’s time to call a plumber. Sudden changes to water temperature are also noticeable when you flush the toilet or turn on another faucet while someone is showering. These problems become more evident as your water heater ages. This is because the appliance is less consistent when dispensing water at a constant pressure. Changing water temperatures is one of the most common signs you need to replace your water heater. Contact a local plumber for a free consultation.


2.  Water Leaks


While some water leaks are more apparent than others, most leaking tanks require replacement. Most water heater leaks start small. They may be so small that you don’t even notice them. If you suspect you have a leak, place a drain pan where you think the leak is coming from and check it in a day or two. If there’s a puddle of water, you have a leak. Don’t put off repairing your leaky tank—the longer you wait, the greater the risk to your home. The sooner you have a new water heater installed, the less expense you’ll have.


3.  Limited Hot Water Supply


Does it suddenly seem like you have a shortage of hot water in your home? If you take only a shower and the hot water runs out quickly, there might be an issue with your water heater.

Failing heating elements and faulty thermostats can lead to a reduced water heater capacity. This means you need to wait for your tank to fill back up and heat the water before it comes to your faucets. While these issues can sometimes be repaired, it’s most likely time to replace your water heater. Being proactive with your water heater replacement can help avoid costly repairs and significant water damage when major leaks occur.


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