Co-parenting during summer break can be a challenge. As you try to juggle child care, vacation plans, and summer activities, creating an agreement that works for everyone can be a struggle. The important thing to consider with any co-parenting arrangement is the needs of your children.


When you create a plan that works towards the best interest of your children, you have the best chance of enjoying summer break. Let’s take a look at some great tips to help you make the best of your summer vacation when sharing custody of your children.


Tips to Co-Parent Well During Summer Break


If you want to have an enjoyable summer without the stress of conflict over who has the kids when these tips can help you:


1.   Create a Plan


Create a plan for summer break. This will help you make the most of your arrangements. Talk with your children’s other parent to discuss their vacation plans, work requirements, and other obligations during the summer months. Back each other up when one has responsibilities or plans. Be supportive of the other parent if they want to take the children on vacation. The more you plan, the more success you’ll have in providing your children with a summer break filled with happy memories.


2.   Discuss Costs of Activities and Childcare


Many parents absorb additional costs during the summer months for summer camp, sports, extra-curricular activities, and childcare. Discuss these costs in advance to see how you can effectively split the bill. Do your best to come to an agreement that allows your child to have an enriching break. If possible, split costs 50/50, so one parent doesn’t need to absorb all the costs of summer care.


3.   Get the Kids Involved


Bring children who are old enough to discuss their wishes into the conversation. Ask your children what they want to do for sports or activities during the summer. Discuss how each parent can help support their wishes. If your child wants to spend time with their other parent while working, allow them to do so if it’s in their best interest.


4.   Be Flexible


Understand that things happen and changes to your child’s routine in the summer can impact your custody agreements. Be upfront with the other parent about your travel plans. Create a schedule that allows them to contact the other parent while you are away. You want their time with each parent to be both healthy and meaningful. Even if you can’t get along, allow the children to enjoy themselves with any summer plans they make.


Remember, schedule changes are just as stressful for children as they are for adults.

Don’t add to your children’s stress by fighting with your ex about changes. Instead, be flexible and understanding. When you work together, you allow your children to enjoy a loving, fun time with both parents during their summer break. Put your children first, and you will always set yourself up for a successful summer.


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