As the weather starts to get a little cooler, throwing an outdoor dinner party doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all! A dinner party is the perfect chance to get family and friends together and show off that new chicken recipe you’ve been dying to try as well. Though dinner parties are often held indoors, an outdoor dinner party allows for more guests and being able to soak in that amazing weather. When it comes to throwing a dinner party, the small details may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t get caught up on the small things, and make a game plan so you can be a great host and enjoy your dinner party as well. Here are a few tips for throwing a great dinner party outdoors!


  • Mix up a big batch cocktail- For your guests who enjoy a drink or two while the conversation flows, mixing up a classic cocktail or trying something new will be a big hit! Make a big batch so every one of your guests can have a sip.


  • Build ambiance- Whether it’s a cute floral arrangement or some string lights to light up the night, building ambiance is essential to add an extra spark to that dinner party! You can also connect your phone and rotate through your favorite playlists for some background tunes.


  • No uninvited guests- Get some mosquito repellent, power up a fan, or set up a citronella candle set. Keep those uninvited guests from taking up all the space at your dinner party!


  • Do family-style food servingThis takes away the hassle of having to do individual plating. Set out a variety of tasty dishes so guests can serve themselves as they’d like! Go for a charcuterie board snack, tiny appetizers, and something filling for the main course.


  • Bring your furniture outside- Bringing your chairs and table outside can bring an eclectic and cozy look to your dinner party. Just make sure there’s enough chairs for everyone on your guest list!


  • Take it easy- A dinner party is great fun, but you shouldn’t try and stretch yourself thin trying to play the gracious accommodating host. Have designated little stations, i.e. a beverage corner and kids table with pre-planned activities, so you can enjoy your dinner party as well!


Throwing an outdoor dinner party has gained a lot of popularity in the last year. As the world opens up again, you want to bring close family and friends together to enjoy a nice meal again. Hosting an outdoor dinner party can be a great opportunity to enjoy the weather and accommodate a slightly larger group. If you’re worried about a sudden case of rain, want to block out harsh sun rays, or want to add even more ambiance to your outdoor dinner party, renting a tent is the perfect solution! If you need a tent rental in Pasadena, Town & Country Event Rentals is the perfect spot. Get the right tools to make your outdoor dinner party a hit!