When your household drains clog, you can be dealing with the tedious results. There are a number of culprits that can clog your drains, such as debris, oils, waste, and hair. Hair is known to be one of the most common cloggers of household drains. Fortunately, you can take the right steps to possibly prevent hair clogs in your drains. Some steps to take include:

Brush Hair Before Showering or Bathing

When you brush your hair before stepping into a nice shower or bath, you actually remove the hairs that may have fallen out while bathing. By brushing your hair, you are removing tons of loose hairs that may otherwise clog your drain. It’s also important to be mindful to keep your hairs from falling into the sink drain.

Keep Hairs Out of the Drain

If a few hairs do manage to fall out while showering, put them on the edge of the tub to dispose of later. This way, you can keep hairs from washing down the drain.

Dryer Sheet Hack

This is a great hack that works to keep your hair out of the drain. All you have to do is place a dryer sheet over the drain. All hair that falls out while you are showering will stick to the dryer sheet instead of flowing down the drain! When you’re done, just toss the dryer sheet into your trash can.

Use Natural Solutions

If hair does manage to start clogging your drain, act fast before the clog turns too serious. There are tons of natural solutions you can use to clean out drains from pesky hair clogs. For example, pour boiling water down a drain to get rid of hair. You can also use a mixture of ½ a cup of baking soda and ½ a cup of vinegar down the drain, followed by boiling water if needed.

Get a Drain Screen

A drain screen can be the handy solution to allow water to be flushed out while you shower, but still keep other objects from going down the drain. All you have to do after installing a drain screen is make sure to periodically take out any hairs or other debris that is left behind. With a drain screen, you can be completely at ease while you take a shower, without having to watch for any pesky falling hairs!


When you shower, you may not be aware of all the loose hairs that can potentially clog your shower drain. The solutions listed above are meant to help in possible prevention of hair clogs, as well as make sure a developing clog doesn’t get worse. However, a hair clog and other types of clog from debris, oil, or another culprit can still strike your shower, sink, and kitchen drain! When you are looking for a plumber in Pasadena or a plumber in Los Angeles who will deal with hair clogs and other types of clogs, you can’t go wrong with Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning!