Do you know how crucial it is to house-train your puppy? Not only does this keep your house clean, but it also keeps your dog healthy. While the process does require a lot of commitment and patience, it’s worth it in the end.


The key to success in potty training your puppy is routine and consistency. With some effort, you can train your new family member in just a few weeks. Let’s look at some excellent tips to help you find success.


Tips to Train Your New Puppy


The most critical step in potty training success is creating a routine. Puppies respond best to consistency. No matter what age your dog is, creating a schedule can help keep them on track and accident-free.


Once you’ve decided on a routine, follow these steps to help:


  • Take the puppy outside as soon as they wake up in the morning and every two hours after to get them used to the idea of going to the bathroom outside.
  • Find an outside spot that your dog likes and bring them to the area every time you go outside at the start of your potty training efforts.
  • Once they’ve successfully done their business, reward them. You can use treats, a favorite toy, or even affection. Ensure that you praise them immediately after they are done. This is essential for them to associate the reward with the action. Do not reward them if they do not go to the bathroom while you are outside.
  • Let them spend some time outside playing or taking a walk with you. This will allow them to go again if needed.
  • Put your puppy on a feeding routine. A proper schedule will keep them healthy and add to their potty training routine.
  • Generally, you can feed a puppy at least three to four times, depending on the age. Make sure you take them outside before and a little while after when they are young.
  • Take away their water dish about three hours before they go to bed, or as recommended by your veterinarian. This will reduce the chances that they will have an accident during the night.
  • Most puppies can sleep for eight hours without requiring bathroom breaks, but you to take them out as soon as they wake up.
  • Notice any signals that your puppy needs to go to the bathroom. This can include pacing, scratching at the door, restlessness, barking, or frantically sniffing around your house. If you notice any of these signs, take your puppy outside immediately.
  • At the outset, keep your puppy on a leash during their house-training routine. Once your dog has effectively learned how to wait to go to the bathroom outside, you can provide them some freedom.
  • If you’re having difficulty despite creating a routine, being patient and consistent, and following these tips, talk to your local vet or dog training professional for advice.


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