Adding a vertical garden to your fence can give your property an added visual appeal that leaves everyone in the neighborhood talking about your house. You can transform any fence into the central focus of your yard using your fence as the framework for a healthy garden. With a bit of creativity and some elbow grease, here’s how you can build a vertical garden on your fence.


Build a Vertical Garden on Your Residential Fence


There are five different ways to use your fence to build a vertical garden:


1.   Build a Trellis


If you wish to transform an ugly-looking fence into a breathtaking masterpiece, build a trellis. This will also add privacy to your garden. You can easily make a trellis with a few items from your local store. From chainlink and wire fences to older wood fences, you can use your existing investment as the foundation for a beautiful piece of art.


2. Attach Planters Directly to Your Fence

Mounting planters to the fence is another great way to boost the appearance. You can get creative with your planters; just be sure to fix them securely to your fence. You should also be sure that your fence can withstand the weight of whatever planters you use. Account for the additional weight of moist soil and growing plants. Recycled cans and soda bottles, old mailboxes, recycled gutters, and window boxes can all be used to add significant visual appeal.

3. Recycle a Pallet

You can also make a beautiful vertical garden using recycled wooden pallets. While you can purchase new pallets online, you should check your local stores to see if they have any leftovers. Many businesses will sell their pallets for a reasonable price. Some will even offer them to you for free.


You can mount a recycled pallet directly to your fence. Simply follow these steps:

  • Fix landscaping fabric to the pallet’s back, sides, and bottom.
  • Attach the pallet to the fence using the appropriate tools and reinforcements.
  • Fill the compartments with potting soil once your pallet is secure.
  • Plant in the gaps, allowing enough room for your plant to grow.


4. Suspend Hanging Baskets Using Metal Pipes and Rods


Suspend hanging baskets of plants using metal pipes and rods to create a modern urban garden. This is a great weekend project because you can work on the project as a family. Recycle old pipes or check a local home renovation shop for affordable options. In addition to pipes and rods, you can also use cut branches and rope.


5. Build a Living Wall


A living green wall is a perfect way to add dimension to an otherwise boring fence. You can also find examples of this art in office buildings and commercial spaces. These living green walls are excellent examples of how a vertical garden can turn a boring site into something incredible. A green wall will significantly enhance the visual appeal of your property.


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