Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that the safety and security of your entire home rely on the integrity of your roof? Extreme heat can significantly impact your roof, especially when you have flat roofs.


Flat roofs, made of conventional materials such as bitumen and asphalt, are much more prone to damage from higher temperatures. Let’s take a closer look at how heat affects the integrity of your flat roofing so you know what to watch for when it comes to roof damage.


How Does Heat Impact Your Roof?


Here are some ways that extreme heat can impact your roof:


1.   Temperature Changes and Thermal Fluctuations


As you know, California temperatures rise to high numbers in the summer months. If you have a flat roof, constant exposure to the hot sun can create significant damage. This can lead to roof leaks or cracks that can damage the interior of your building. If you live in an area exposed to extreme temperatures, talk to your local roofer about using a material that’s resistant to heat damage.


2.   Blistering


Have you ever seen the bubbles on your flat roof? Blistering occurs when your flat roofing material heats up to the point that it bubbles. It’s crucial to handle blistering immediately before more significant damage occurs. Repairing blistering issues as soon as they appear will spare you the expense of having to replace your entire roof. You can also prevent more severe roofing issues by restoring damage as quickly as possible, so contact your local roofing company at the first sign of blistering.


3.   Humidity


Moisture and humidity invite fungus, bacteria, and bugs that can damage your flat roof. When mold and bacteria invade your roof, they can cause significant damage that threatens the integrity of your investment. Schedule an annual inspection of your roof if you live in an area of high humidity.


4.   Improper Installation


When your roof is not installed correctly, it’s even more susceptible to heat damage. Defective installations can make your flat roofs look worse and cost you more money with time. Make sure you hire a reliable and professional roofing company for your installation. Hire someone local, so they understand the weather in your area. While you should certainly follow your budget restrictions during your installation project, don’t skimp on low-quality material. This will only cost you more money in the long run.


5.   Issues with Standing Water


After significant rainstorms, standing water can pool on your roof. While exposure to high temperatures can help dry up pools of water, it can also lead to bacteria growth. As standing water warms up, there’s a higher chance of bacteria growth. Do your best to clear off any standing water immediately after a storm.


Even though damage to your roof can take years to manifest, routine inspections can help identify early signs of a problem. If you want to maintain the integrity of your flat roofs, you need to resolve issues immediately.


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