In many cases, noises tell us a story. A crashing sound coming from the basement can indicate that a shelf fell. The coos from your baby can show that they’re happy and enjoying a full belly. Similarly, noises coming from your vehicle can tell a story about what’s going on with your car.


Some noises are prevalent and do not necessarily mean there’s a problem. Others alert us to a severe issue that needs immediate attention. Let’s take a look at some disturbing car noises that should signal that it’s time to contact a mechanic for a checkup!


What Do These Car Noises Mean?


If you hear any of the following noises, you should take your vehicle in to be checked by a reliable mechanic before your car gives you some serious problems!


1.   Screeching or Squealing Brakes


Have you ever pressed your brake pedal and been greeted with a loud screech? If your car sounds like someone is scratching their long nails along a chalkboard, it’s time to get it checked. The most common cause of screeching or squealing comes from worn-out brake pads. This issue can typically be fixed with a quick brake pad replacement. Since ignoring this problem can progress to problems with your rotors, call a mechanic at the first sound of screeching.


2.   Grinding Noises


Also, coming from your brakes, loud grinding occurs when metal rubs on metal. This happens when you let your brake pads go for so long that the rotors and calipers begin to rub together. Metal on metal grinding isn’t just an indication of a problem, but it can also lead to brake failure. Contact your local mechanic for repairs.


3.   Squealing Engine


No one wants to hear a loud sound coming from their engine, but it happens! If you hear squealing from your engine when you start your car, it’s probably from a loose, broken, or cracked belt. Since your vehicle’s belts control your car’s primary framework and systems, it’s essential to get this issue checked immediately. Ignoring this problem can cause your vehicle to stop working altogether.


4.   Engine Popping


A popping sound from your engine indicates a problem with your fuel filters, spark plugs, or oil fluid levels. Staying on top of routine maintenance can help you avoid these problems.


5.   Rumbling Sounds


If your car makes a rumbling sound as you accelerate, it’s probably a sign of a broken exhaust muffler. Get this checked as soon as possible because it also pollutes the environment.


6.   Knocking Engine


A knocking sound coming from your engine is an indication that you’re using a lower grade of fuel than your vehicle requires. Check your car’s manual to make sure you use the correct octane.


7.   Squeaking Steering Wheel


While it might be difficult to notice a squeaking sound from your steering wheel, this issue is usually accompanied by stiffness or locking when you try to turn your vehicle. This means your steering pump needs to be replaced or that you have low power steering fluid.


Contact a Reliable Victorville Mechanic for Help


If you’ve noticed any of the sounds we’ve mentioned above, we’re here to help. Contact A&A Any Car’s Victorville auto repair shop today before a minor issue becomes a significant problem.