Your fence provides a solid structural foundation that protects your property. Fences are created using a variety of materials, like wood. While wood fences are reliable and durable, they can be easily damaged when exposed to fierce storms.


Here are some tips to check your fence for damage after a big storm passes through your area.


5 Tips to Check Your Fence for Storm Damage


Most fencing materials don’t require regular maintenance, so you might go years without checking your fence for signs of damage. However, when there is a significant storm in your area, it’s essential to check for damage. Repairing storm damage immediately can prevent your fence from progressive issues that require extensive repairs.


Here are some tips to check your fence for storm damage:


  • If you have plants growing around your fence, check for signs of damage. When trees and plants get uprooted from heavy winds, they can affect your fence if they share the same soil. Plants can also hold excess moisture after heavy rains, creating algae and bacteria that destroy your wood.
  • Thoroughly check all fence posts. You should apply forward pressure on your fence and check if there are any signs that your posts came loose after heavy winds. If the fence moves, this is a clear indication that you need to call your local fencing company to reinforce your posts.
  • Check rails, boards, panels, and all the metal screws for signs of wear or damage. Although these things do not cause any evident damage to wood, metal parts can rust after extended exposure to rain. This can impact the integrity of your entire fence. Check wood boards and panels for signs of splitting or cracking.
  • Start at the beginning of your property and walk around your entire fence to check for signs of damage. Pay close attention to detail as minor issues can be overlooked. If you notice damaged or cracked boards, it’s vital to repair them immediately before more significant damage sets in. Mark any problems right away, so you don’t forget where they are, then call your roof company for repairs.
  • Aside from the privacy and security benefits of fences, they add to your curb appeal. Therefore, damage doesn’t just put the integrity of your fence at risk. Still, it also impacts the visual aesthetics of your property. Check your paint or stain for signs of fading. Heavy winds and rain can affect the way your fence looks. Call your local fence company to repair any damage so you can keep your property looking great!


Even if you aren’t exposed to heavy storm damage, you should check your fence every three months for apparent signs of wear. Talk to your local fencing contractor about maintenance plans and annual inspections. Stay on top of your fence maintenance can help extend the life of your investment and keep your property safe for years to come.


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