Most people take the everyday conveniences of living in the United States for granted until they come across an issue. Toilets, for example, are one of the most overlooked conveniences of any home or business. Most people don’t worry about their bathroom appliances until they stop working.


There are several reasons why your toilet can be clogged. While not all toilet clogs are a significant concern, some can become a severe problem when left untreated. No one wants to live with a clogged toilet. Luckily, your local plumber can quickly identify the source of your problem and find an effective way to fix it.  If your toilet clogs frequently, there can be several causes.


5 Reasons Your Toilet Keeps Clogging


Here are the primary reasons your toilet keeps clogging:


1.   Old Pipes


Clogs can be caused by aged pipes that wear down over time. If you have an older home, aging pipes can crack, split, or even collapse. Sediment backwash is usually the first warning, but toilets that are slow to drain or altogether bagged up can signal a more significant issue. If you experience this, you need to contact a plumber immediately before your damage affects your entire plumbing system. Clogged toilets are inconvenient, but they can also lead to expensive damage to your entire home.


2.   Backup from Non-Flushable Materials


Another primary reason toilets clog is from backup from non-flushable materials.  Children are the common culprits in these issues as they throw toys or other items into your toilet. However, adults can backup the toilets as well. Other than good toilet paper, you should not flush anything down your toilet. This includes tissues, cotton balls, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products, to name a few. These items do not break down easily, causing your toilet to become clogged.


3.   Ventilation Issues


Most people don’t even realize that plumbing systems have a vent that brings fresh air through the system. If your vent is blocked, it can increase or decrease flushing pressure and cause significant issues for your plumbing system. Ducts are typically located on your roof. They can become blocked by bird nests, sticks, leaves, and other debris. Your local plumber will be able to tell if your vent is blocked and causing your toilet to clog.


4.   Old Toilets


One of the most common causes of plumbing lines getting clogged is an old toilet. While the average toilet is designed to last 50 years or more, the older the toilet becomes, the more difficult it will be to break down waste properly. Furthermore, if you have a first-generation “low-flow” toilet, it may lack the proper pressure to do its job. Although modern, low-flow toilets are an excellent way to save water, many early models had a design error in the internal traps that makes them susceptible to blockages.


5.   Other Clogs in Your Plumbing


Clogs can accumulate anywhere in your plumbing system and affect different appliances and fixtures throughout your home. If a nearby drain is clogged, it can also be the reason your toilet is backing up.


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