When it comes to your AC unit, several issues can arise over time. Many of the problems are not very technical and can easily be solved on your own. However, some need professional repairs.


The best way to avoid AC issues is to keep an eye on your air conditioning unit. Properly maintaining your unit can help you avoid costly damage. If you experience an issue with your AC, it’s essential to identify the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.


The best way to avoid unnecessary AC repairs is to understand how your AC works. Understanding how your AC works can help you identify a problem as soon as it arises. Let’s take a look at the most common AC problems and how you can fix them.


Quick Fixes for Common AC Issues


If you have any of the following issues, these quick fixes can get your AC up and running quickly.


1.   Wash the Condenser Coils


Dirt and debris can build up on the lids of your condenser coils. This can cause your AC to stop working. That’s why it’s vital to inspect your coils and keep them free from buildup regularly. If your condenser coils are covered with dirt or debris, you can easily wash away the buildup with the following steps:


  • Clear out large debris with your hands
  • Use a garden hose with a low-pressure setting to wash off the top of the condenser
  • Remove any additional buildup


2.   Check Your AC Unit Fuses


If your AC has suddenly stopped working, you might have a blown a fuse. Your AC unit has two different fuses that allow it to operate efficiently. If your AC unit stops working suddenly, open the unit and check that both fuses are intact. If you think that an AC fuse is blown, contact your local AC company for repairs. Blown fuses may need to be replaced.



3.   Fix Frozen Coils


Ice can gather around the condenser coil and eventually causes an issue that prevents your AC from working. Broken fans, blocked condensate lines, and refrigerant leaks can cause freezing of the coil in your air conditioner.


This problem can usually be fixed by turning off the thermostat and running the fan to melt the ice buildup. This will eventually melt off all the ice near the coil, and the air conditioner would start working again. If frozen coils continue to be an issue, contact your local AC company.


4.   Clear Out Clogs


If you notice your AC isn’t working or it seems to be struggling to work properly, the airflow may be disturbed. Check your AC unit for clogs, especially in the drain pipes. Dirt and debris can quickly build up in different parts of your AC unit and cause these problems to occur.

To fix this problem, turn off the AC and clean your unit thoroughly to remove dust and other contaminants. You will notice a change in the efficiency of your unit if this is the underlying cause of your AC issues.


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